CCA 3.0 Liger Enail 30mm Dish – Sic or Quartz- Flat Coil Compatible – Gold

CCA 3.0 Liger Enail 30mm Dish – Sic or Quartz- Flat Coil Compatible – Gold


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One of the biggest surfaces to date including custom options, the 30mm dish Liger Enail!

This one is extra special as it comes with a Sapphire insert, this is only recommenced for extreme flavour profile hunters and offers the widest terpene profile due to Sapphires purity as a substance.

Utilising a Titanium body within a banger design this enail compatible banger is designed for use with Flat Coils!

The Liger nail offers a 20mm wide dish and extra deep bucket making this one of the biggest enails available whilst designed never to lose heat due to the coil being encased in a Ti body.

Liger nails offer a choice of Silicon Carbide insert or Quartz which have been designed, sourced and machined in America. Both inserts are easily removed and cleanable to ensure that taste is immaculate every time. The banger can be used without the inserts if you’d rather stick with Ti but we say move onwards and upwards đŸ™‚

The coil is protected within a titanium casing reducing heat loss massively and also covering the coil for additional safety.

Liger nails are also fully adjustable and the angle can be easily set depending on the users preference.

Fully compatible with the CCA hurricane cap pictured but not included each set comes complete with adapters to make this compatible with any 10/14 or 18mm piece.

Simply put there is not a better enail on the market right now made by a company that are innovating the scene like CCA710, we have been blown away by CCA710 owner Josh’s approach to creating accessories for the connoisseur and the his scientific approach and we are very happy to be working with them!



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Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm