Very happy to announce we are building a second hand marketplace!

Our aim is to create a community of sellers and buyers who are interested in letting go some of their collection and finding them new homes to an avid buyers list looking to scoop for fair prices.

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is to help assisting and finding buyers for second hand functional art and the amount of absolute heat that is out there we couldn’t resist!

With one of the largest customer bases of fine glass art in the UK and Europe we believe we are in a great position to link buyers and sellers together.

Heres how it works ….

  1. Got a piece your thinking of selling? Get in touch with us to get a free valuation of your piece.
  2. If happy with the valuation and our terms we ask you to send us the piece for professional photography to be taken and hosted on our site and Instagram page to attract buyers
  3. We host all enquiries from start to finish to get you the best possible buyer and deal for your piece!
  4. Once sold we transfer the money directly to you!

We only take a cut when the piece is sold successfully and you can request the piece back at any time after 1 month if not sold!

There area few additional terms and conditions which we are happy to share in further detail on request.

Any questions please email at


Patient Zero

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