The Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail?
6th May 2016 patientzero
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Toro Grails back in stock!

These are serious contenders for best banger in the world! Check out the XL’s lol.

Whereas we are massive fans of the QCB and Joel Halen Troughs the Toro Grails stunned us not just from their sheer beauty but from their excellent efficiency and temp holding capabilities.

These hold heat excellently and for us this is one of the most important aspects when looking at buying a quality Quartz banger especially when dealing with sensitive lower temperatures.

The XL models have a slight difference to the standard model, not only are they much bigger (standard diametre is 1.3cm these are nearly 1.8cm!) they feature the option of going for a – model or a +, this is displayed on the underside of the banger in the center of the grail logo.

Whereas these differences are really subtle we opted to stock the + model as they increase airflow with higher air slits in the bucket which will improve the function of your glassware and capping experience.

They work excellently and if you like big (monster big!) dabs then your in heaven. Not once have we witnessed overpooling, just even , low temp vaporisation. Specially made oversized UFO caps have been made to ensure a seamless and comfy carb capping experience.

These grails are handmade in New York City by the talented Toro team led by J.P using the finest American 100% Quartz to ensure the purest flavour possible.


Patient Zero

As we sell out of certain sizes and models so quickly we want to offer customers who miss out on initial stock the option of preordering their size for a 10% discount. The waiting list is currently 2-3 weeks long. Toro Grails are available in 45 and 90 degreen and 10/14/18 male and female. Frosted and XL options are also available. Please email with subject line Toro for more details.