Puffco + Launch! Be excited but also “be patient”

Puffco + Launch! Be excited but also “be patient”
6th May 2016 patientzero
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So, as the official launch has still not been finalised and with very little concrete information to go on is the Puffco + really going to be worth the wait?

The answer is yes, we think so!

If its one thing that Puffco are known for it is innovation and excellence. Whilst the Vape pen industry where looking at cheap production methods, plastics and glues used in airpaths and countless rebrands and even cheaper ripoffs, Puffco where steadily testing and perfecting the original Puffco Pro. You can tell they partake!

We are always very skeptical of awards given to brands, these can be easily bought/traded for favour and on most occasions even if based on public opinion it goes to the most popular brand (which is most certainly not always the best lol) but the Puffco was deserving of its title in 2015 as High Times Best Vaporizer Pen and continued in winning tradition by grabbing the award at the recent 2016 awards.

Its also very popular and rightly so. Simply put these guys arent your normal Vape Pen manufacturer/company.

With the announcement that the Puffco + will feature a completely coiless atomizer (which isnt something entirely groundbreaking in itself)  the question on my mind and everyone elses is have they achieved something much much more, and if so what could it be?

Have they mastered and designed a pen that can vape dry herbs? Probably not, my guess is that these will be cartridge compatible so you can mix your own blend but we will have to wait and see!

In addition last year the rumour mill was sent into a spin with the announcement of a Hive/Puffco collab in the pipeline (Hive Ceramics and Puffco are now owned by the same parent company Vape Holdings) which has gone very quiet, could this resurface!

Theres clearly been a setback somewhere down the line but we would much rather see a finished product that works flawlessly then beta test while they get it right! We are sure it will be the worth the wait 🙂

Any and every update we receive and can share with you guys we will let you know.

Patient Zero

EDIT 6/5/16- Still no firm update apart from Puffco although still hopeful that these will be released in May there has been no firm date set by Puffco. We will update you next week 🙂 6/5/16

EDIT 17/5/16 Looks like we are getting close folks, 23rd May is the launch and we hope to have these in by the 1st of June at the latest!