errlectric herb nail review

errlectric herb nail review
7th July 2015 patientzero

errlectric herb nail!

Firstly let me say there are heavy hitters and then there is the Errlectric herb nail!

We love Errlectric for their innovative approach to the enail scene, but were sceptical when we received the Errlectric herb nail, a vaporizer that offers the user both the ability to vaporize dry herbs but also a concentration station for oils. Or if you’re feeling brave, both!

The Errlectric herb nail unit itself is very compact with both coil and station much smaller than expected. The dry herb glass nail that comes with the system (that the Titanium heater coil sits on) feels very sturdy and well made.

First up was a herbal blend at 750f, no more than 0.1g weight so very small dosage and a few sprinkles to cover the titanium mesh that sits in the herb nail. With a heat up time of less than 3 minutes there was no wait at all.

As the Errlectric herb nail is a purely convection style vape a big hearty draw is needed. You can really go to town, the herb nail just keeps up with your draw speed easily but this isn’t a sipper! The harder you pull will result in a better “vortex” created in the herb nail which essentially makes vaporizing more even and efficient.

The first hit really delivers on flavour, as a Cloud owner and Vapexhale fanboy this surprised me, I wasn’t expecting it to taste that good.

The second hit was when the vapour really started to flow, massive clouds still with flavour profiles but fading. The third less so but still plenty of vapour output. AVB a golden brown.

All in all 3 very decent huge hits of vapour from a very small amount of dry herb.

Using the Errlectric herb nail with concentrates for me was the icing on the cake, very low temp dabs at around 475f resulted in a completely different experience as opposed to a traditional setup. Flavour is insane at these low temps.

Now, when using a herbal blend with concentrates I found this to be a bit tricky and am continuing to try and find the perfect middle ground. 650-700f seems to work well but it is strongly recommended you don’t have ANYTHING TO DO for the next few hours if you’re doubling up.

One downside, it is not for the beginner. The general set up is cumbersome and the headspace you need to be in when using very hot titanium coils is a world away to relaxing on the couch with a Crafty.

As you’re dealing with glass and high heats it is strongly advised to NEVER place the heater onto the Errlectric herb nail whilst it is heating up or leave on top for extending periods of time. Allow it to reach the desired temp, hit and then replace the heater on the stand.

I love my herb nail because it not only gives me hands down the best and most safest concentrate experience I’ve had, it also genuinely delivers on the dry herb front, providing a very efficient and heavy experience!

Anyways, check out the video for yourself and you can buy it in the UK from here: Errlectric Herb Nail



Errlectric Herb Nail

Errlectric Herb Nail