Dual Ceramic Coil Atomizer – 510 thread by wulf mods

Dual Ceramic Coil Atomizer – 510 thread by wulf mods


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dual ceramic coil atomizer – wulf mods

With the development of dab pen technology really taking off in the us we have been keeping an eye on wulf mods and especially their dual ceramic coil atomizers

We believe these are the most powerful on the market all encased in a boro mouthpiece.

These dual ceramic coil atomizers are ultra-efficient and will ensure there is no wastage of your product providing a rich, flavourful yet intense experience.

Another great benefit of using a dual ceramic coil is that very little material is left and the atomizer is very efficient at evenly vaporizing the material.

This is due to the higher temps being generated by the dual ceramic coil.

I also find it easier to place material onto a dual coil as it can be put directly in the middle and drip towards the centre of the atomizer.

The dual ceramic coil ensures that the flavour is the best it can be leaving no metallic after taste that other atomizers possible can, especially after some use.

These mods are suitable for pens with a 510 threading system.

For more information on wulf mods please visit their website at http://www.wulfmods.com/

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With over 25 years of combined experience in the Vape industry, we frequently deliver superior customer experiences through our Wulf Mods vaporizer products. Here we work hard, take action and take personal accountability for getting things done. Our actions produce measurable results within the Vaporization Industry.

Long before home based vaporizers and e-cigarettes had become popular; the team behind Wulf Mods creations saw the need for vaporizers that both performed well and were affordable to buy!

“The concept of Wulf Mods occurred years ago while attending an Intl. Tobacco Expo in Europe. I saw the rise of electronic cigarettes and it intrigued me because buyers were actively inquiring about this new technology with various suppliers,” says Jason Jackson, Wulf Mods Managing Partner. “We were already developing traditional dried blend vaporizers for years, so the next step was combining our existing Vaporizer knowledge with this exciting new e-cig technology in order to create WulfMods.com as the source for everything Vaporization!”

“A big secret to our success is that our employees care about vaporization! WulfMods.com is devoted to providing a professional working environment that encourages and rewards creativity, insight, teamwork and enthusiasm. These essential elements are part of the reason why our Vaporizer Products stand apart from the pack!”

“The Wulf Mods Series of high end vaporizer products are designed for you to vaporize either e-liquids, dry blends, or concentrated essential oils; ensuring that you will find the perfect Wulf Mods Vaporizer to fit your way of life.”


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