Puffco Plus – Concentrate Vaporizer
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Puffco Plus – Concentrate Vaporizer


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The Puffco plus is the best concentrate pen on the market. There is no argument that the taste it provides is unparalleled.

We will provide a full review and in depth look shortly!

These are extremely ltd and we apologise for stock shortages.

Featuring a coil collab with Hive cermaics the Puffco delivers a tatsy hit every time, no wastage whatsoever and can be cleaned easily with a q tip!

Each kit features a Puffco Plus, Spare Atomizer and Charger.

Its a game changer, expect every one to copy and follow suit as this is a next level pen. Please note that we have no spare coils of present and until that situation changes all warranty issues must be dealt with directly at support@puffo.com.




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Weight 100 g
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm