Errlectric Concentrate Station Titanium
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Errlectric Concentrate Station Titanium


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Errlectric® Concentration Station™ e-nail offers precise temperature control of your nail for repeatable consistency in smoothness and flavor. Simply install the included high-quality American made domeless nail into any female 14mm or 18mm ground glass joint and never purchase expensive butane or listen to noisy torches again! Errlectric® softly heats the nail to the set temperature in about one minute and maintains an even temperature automatically. Nail and coil are pressed together for ideal heat transfer and accurate temperature sensing.


New Firmware update 2.0!! Just In!!

  • New “Self-Clean” Automatic Timer can initiate a 5-minute high-temperature cleaning cycle then returns to the set temperature.
  • New “Session Timer” displays the time that the Errlectric® has been on for the current session. Resets when the unit or heater is turned off.
  • New “Odometer” display keeps track and displays the total number of hours, days and years your Errlectric® has been on and heating.

Designed from the ground-up to be the best.
Errlectric® is the only e-nail that is built from our own circuit board- not from a cheap PID temperature controller. Errlectric® features a microprocessor ‘brain’ for the ultimate in temperature control and useful features to ensure that it operates safely and effectively for many years. Safety features include automatic high-temperature shut-down and automatic shut-off if the heater cable is unplugged.

Automatic Shut-Off Timer
A programmable safety shut-off timer can be adjusted from 3 to 420 minutes to turn the heater off if it is left on.

Programmable Temperature
Easy adjustment of the temperature set point from 0 to 850°F (0-460°C) in 10 degree increments. The set point is saved in memory even when the power is removed, and units of °C or °F can be chosen for the set point and temperature display.

Soft-Heat Technology
Soft-Heat™ regulates the heater coil power to prevent it from reaching excessive temperatures. Soft-Heat
TM technology significantly prolongs the life of the heater coil and prevents damage and discoloration of the titanium from excessive temperatures. This intelligent feature is one reason why we can be confident offering a warranty that is superior to our competitors’.

Backlit LCD Display
The LCD displays temperature and a real-time bar graph of power being used to heat the nail. When the unit has been turned to ‘off’ mode and the coil/nail is cooling, the display remains illuminated showing the temperature and a warning message until it has cooled to a safe level. An illuminated display warns the user of a hot nail or coil

Made in U.S.A.
Designed and built in a U.S. factory, Errlectric® Concentration Station™ features a full, manufacturer direct 2-year warranty. Thank you for supporting a U.S. business and employees!

We are proud to be the first UK stockist of the best enail on the market!


Errlectric® Concentration Station™

Heater Coil with 5ft Detachable Cord (pre-installed on nail)

14/18mm Male Domeless Grade 2 Titanium Nail (Titanium Material Certification)

6ft Detachable Power Cord

Instruction Sheet

2-Year Warranty

Available in Snow Flake White, Midnight Black or Pink. Please contact us directly for colour options and stock levels.

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 20 cm